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Media Release
Tuesday, February 4, 2003

International Scientists Studying Esperance Marine Life

Western Australian Museum scientists are leading an international research 
team in a hunt for new marine plants and animals in Esperance Bay and the 
Recherche Archipelago.

This three-week intensive research workshop is part of an important ongoing 
international study aimed at exploring Western Australia’s diverse marine 

“In the six workshops we have conducted since 1988, over 285 new species of 
marine plants and animals have been identified,” said Dr Fred Wells, Senior 
Curator of Aquatic Zoology at the Western Australian Museum.

“Research collected about the ecology and physiology of the Western 
Australian coastline can be used by fisheries and marine managers to develop 
their plans and strategies for maintaining the health of our marine 
environment,” Dr Wells said.

The group of 25 scientists converging on Esperance includes renowned marine 
biologists from Australia and overseas countries including Britain, Germany 
and the United States.

The workshop has been arranged by the Australian Marine Sciences Association 
and has received funding assistance from the Western Australian Museum, the 
Strategic Fund for Research in the Marine Environment, University of Western 
Australia, the Australian Marine Sciences Association and Outokumpu (Black 
Swan Nickel Pty Ltd).

Media opportunity: The scientists will be gathering in Esperance for 17 
days, from Tuesday, February 4. Many of them, including the WA Museum’s Dr 
Fred Wells, will be available for interview and photograph opportunities.

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