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DON'T EAT SOYA IF YOU'RE PREGNANT An American study has shown severe
long-term effects on the sexual development of male rats whose mothers ate a
chemical compound found in soya. The researchers involved in the study are
advising women to avoid eating soya while pregnant. Page 9
DNA BAR CODES FOR GM FOOD The British government is considering forcing
biotech companies to use "DNA bar codes" to label genetically modified
organisms. The technology would make it easier for regulators to trace GM
food or detect crops that have been contaminated by GM strains. Page 5
TEST IMPROVE ODDS IN FROG FUNGUS FIGHT A new test to detect the frog-killing
chytrid fungus could save threatened species. The test will be useful in
Australia and especially New Zealand, which is home to four ancient frog
species under threat. Page 18
HISTORIC HUTS IN DEEP GUANO Antarctica's oldest settlement is being buried
in penguin guano, according to the first conservation mission to the site in
12 years. A New Zealand team has found the buildings are being damaged by
the large colony of Adélie penguins living around them. Pages 11
DISEASE GENES CAN BE SILENCED An ancient form of cellular self defence has
been exploited by American researchers to protect animals against disease.
If the same RNA interference (RNAi) technique can be made to work in humans,
it could one day be used to treat everything from cancer to HIV. The
technique turns off or silences individual disease genes. Pages 15

GOING THE WAY OF THE DODO? The saiga antelope that once dominated the
steppes of Asia is on the verge of extinction, the victim of a hunting
frenzy. Hunting saiga was actively encouraged by conservationists in the
early 1990s. They promoted its horn as an alternative to the horn of the
endangered rhino, which is used in Chinese medicine. Pages 4-5

DENIM BUILDINGS ARE LATEST IN GREEN CHIC Cheap, bendy solar panels with the
appearance of denim can be draped over just about any shape of building, say
the Canadian inventors. They hope their new material will give architects
far more design flexibility than conventional solar panels. Page 19

THE NET COMES HOME The Internet could become the perfect backbone for an
intelligent building. A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
hopes to make an entire building programmable with Internet O-a device that
can network the home without the need for a jumble of cables. Pages 26-29

ANTIPODES: WIELDING WATER WISELY Ian Lowe looks at how to manage our most
precious resource-fresh water. Page 51
travellers-diarrhoea-may protect against colorectal cancer. American
researchers have found that the bacterial toxin that causes the dash to the
toilet also slows the growth of dividing cancer cells. See also... Mending
broken hearts; Lead blocks male fertility; Vanishing vultures. New
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