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Media Advisory

The new National Facility, Research Vessel Southern Surveyor, departs on its
maiden voyage tomorrow, to find lost volcanoes in the Norfolk Basin area,
east of Australia. 

Led by the University of Tasmania, seven scientists from Geoscience
Australia and the University embark on a month long marine geoscience study,
partly funded by the Australian Research Council, to find and research the
100 million year old volcanoes thought to exist on the Lord Howe and Norfolk

"Prehistoric explosive volcanoes formed along the then-eastern margin of
eastern Australia, as indicated by the presence of thick volcanic-derived
sediments and global tectonic movement modelling", says Dr Neville Exon from
Geoscience Australia. "Until now, no appropriate source volcanoes have been
found in Australia or dredged from the seafloor."

Expedition Chief Scientist, Professor Tony Crawford, from the Centre for Ore
Deposit Research at the University of Tasmania, said "the crust of eastern
Australian formed 300-600 million years ago in a setting much like the
modern South West Pacific - with chains of island arcs, micro-continental
ribbons and intervening small ocean basins."

Media are invited to speak to scientists at 10 am on Wednesday the 19th of
February, at CSIRO Marine Research, where the refitted RV Southern Surveyor
is preparing for its maiden voyage as a National Facility.

(National facilities are large items of scientific infrastructure, owned by
the Federal Government, and made available for research projects conducted
by research organisations that may not be able to afford to own such a
facility.  The RV Southern Surveyor has undergone an extensive  $1.5 million
refit, in Hobart, by local engineering companies.)

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