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19 February 2003								Ref 03/33


CSIRO has established the spin-off company, Polymer Surface Technology Pty Ltd (PST), to commercialise its breakthrough SICOR bonding technology.

SICOR is a new process that has made it possible to permanently bond, print and paint components made from low cost environmentally friendly polypropylene and other plastics. 

It means a new generation of automotive components can now be manufactured from polypropylene.

SICOR technology has revolutionised the manufacturing cost of products involving the application of adhesives and paints including improving the adhesion of inks and laminating in a range of industries including the packaging industry.
SICOR has widespread applications and is even being used to provide specialty surfaces on plastic "corks" for bottling wines.  

The development of SICOR won its CSIRO inventor Dr W.S. (Voytek) Gutowski and his Surface Engineering & Intelligent Polymer Surfaces team at CSIRO in Melbourne Australia, the prestigious US Plueddemann Award, 2000. The award is sponsored by
Dow Corning Corporation of the United States.

The incorporation of PST follows the establishment of an internal CSIRO incubator company and quick success in securing significant new contracts.

Mr Damien Thomas the Chief Executive of PST says, "These contracts have positioned the company for significant growth and include customers such as: 

Anthony Smith Australasia (ASA) where PST secured development and license agreements to develop SICOR for use with wine closures. ASA is a global leader in the production of closures.
Toyo Tyre and Rubber, for the provision of bonding technology for the adhesion of polypropylene airbag covers. PST is further contracted to deliver equipment through its equipment vendors for the surface treatment of the airbag covers. The
SICOR product will be used in the manufacture of the Camry car by Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, assisting PST to enter the Japanese automotive market."

Mr Thomas says, "SICOR will also soon help build homes across the USA following the uptake of SICOR technology by a leading US buildings materials company".

Following an independent assessment of future business opportunities and the development of its business plan, PST will pursue new contracts in five major global market segments:  
·	Automotive Components
·	Building Products 
·	Synthetic Wine Closures
·	Plastic Piping
·	Polyolefin Elastomers

Mr Thomas says; "Execution of PST's business plan will provide direction to these market segments identified as offering the most potential for dynamic growth for the company". 

The Chairman of the Board of PST is Dr Colin Adam who recently retired from CSIRO, as acting Chief Executive.  Dr Adam serves on the Boards of a number of companies, including the publicly listed company Melbourne IT, Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd
and Universal Biosensors.

The other Directors of the Board are:

·	Mr Larry Little, who is currently Chief of CSIRO Manufacturing & Infrastructure Technology, CSIRO's third largest division;   

·	Mr Robin Beaumont, a Director of CSIRO spin-off GroPep and, who until 1998, was Managing Director of the Advent venture capital group; 

·	Gary Greenbank, a Director of Greenbank  Consultants and previously CEO of Parbury Ltd and CBD Online Ltd. Parbury, an ASX listed manufacturing and distribution company, operates throughout Australasia and South East Asia; 

·	Dr Annabelle Duncan, currently Chief of CSIRO Molecular Science;

·	The Chief Executive, Damien Thomas, who has considerable experience in commercialising technology and establishing technology-based companies. He also has held senior management positions in industrial companies.

CSIRO provides continuing technology development capability through the Intelligent Polymeric Surfaces Project Team led by Dr Voytek Gutowski.

The SICOR technique can easily be integrated into existing manufacturing systems treating polymeric products at the required processing speeds. Once a product has been treated, any future bond with plastic will be equally strong whether the
adhesive or coating is applied immediately or 12 months later.

More information:
Damien Thomas, 
Chief Executive, Polymer Surface Technology Pty Ltd				+61 3 9252 6050
Email: Damien.Thomas at csiro.au				

Ken Anderson, Manager Marketing Communication, 					+61 3 9252 6172
CSIRO Manufacturing & Infrastructure Technology		 			0414 457 214
Email: Ken.Anderson at csiro.au   

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