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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science magazine, March 2003

Silent Spring Sprung
Michael Bogwitz reveals new evidence that the gene conferring resistance to
the insecticide DDT also provides resistance to today¹s most potent

A Kink in the Tail of Heredity
Vardhman Rakyan explains why the theory that all heritable traits are
strictly genetic is ready for a shake-up.

Nuclear Approach to Water Shortage
Simon Grose describes how water shortages could be alleviated by using
nuclear energy to desalinate sea water.

Heron Island Chosen for World Attack on Coral Questions
Research on Australia¹s Great Barrier Reef is becoming a key to the survival
of coral reefs with Heron Island chosen as one of four sites worldwide for a
$24 million World Bank/UNESCO study. Peter Pockley reports.

Ground Control to FedSat
Margaret Lawson looks at the research going on inside Australia¹s newest
scientific satellite, and describes how FedSat was almost lost soon after

Ghostly Asteroids Provide Clue to Missing Matter
Could invisible ³mirror matter² explain the disappearance of comets from our
solar system? Jason Major finds out.

Gender Issues for Science
Pauline Gallagher reports some alarming statistics about discrimination
against women in science.

Surrogacy Gives Rare Marsupials a New Chance
Rob Morrison describes efforts to help an endangered wallaby to reproduce.

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