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> Subject:	DPI media release- prawn crop from salty bore water 
> 28 February 2003
> Restaurants/Consumers hail inland bore water prawn harvest
> Queensland restaurants and consumers have welcomed the first
commercial harvest of Black Tiger prawns grown using bore water in the
Wide Bay region.
> Department of Primary Industries fisheries biologist, Dr Adrian
Collins, said the recent results represent the first successful growout
of Black Tiger prawns in inland Australia using bore water.
> He said prawns can grow well across a range of salinities from almost
fresh to full strength seawater, which means that fast growth and high
stocking rates can be achieved using various sources of groundwater from
bore water used for irrigation through to highly saline groundwater.
> Dr Collins said that the recent results of pond trials conducted in
the Bauple district near Maryborough demonstrated that the potential for
inland prawn farming was both real and environmentally sustainable.  A
series of ponds were stocked with prawn larvae in mid-October and their
growth was closely monitored.  The harvest in January provided excellent
results with an average survival rate of 65 percent and a yield
equivalent to 3 tonnes/ha.  
> "> The success of the trial was reinforced with keen demand from chefs
and consumers for what were large, high quality fresh prawns.  We were
very pleased with the sweet taste, distinctive colour and firm texture
of the freshly cooked product.> ">  
> "> The consumer response to the initial harvest has led to the grower
planning to increase his production by expanding ponds at the Bauple
property.> ">  Dr Collins said 
> The two-year project is studying how aquaculture, in this case prawn
farming, can create new opportunities in inland areas affected by
salinity while delivering positive local environmental and economic
> Following a series of laboratory trials, the pond-based collaborative
farming phase of the project was established.  The trial site, a series
of production ponds, a holding dam and a water treatment dam, was
constructed specifically for the trial allowing the pond water to be
retained, treated and recycled." Dr Collins said.
> The project was a collaborative effort led by the Department of
Primary Industries with a local aquaculturist and the Tiaro Shire
Council.  Dr Collins said the project was funded through the DPI's
Agency for Food and Fibre Sciences' 'Good Ideas' initiative established
to invest seed funding into new areas of scientific research.  
> He said the > '> Good Ideas> '>  initiative seeks to increase DPI's
capability in innovation and smart technology as well as providing the
funds and opportunity for staff to explore and act on their ideas.
> Further information		Dr Adrian Collins mobile 0417 002 795
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