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Call for papers and registration

An innovative internet conference will be held over nine months from
February to October in 2003. It will provide an electronic venue for the
exchange ideas on issues that will affect the long-term sustainability of

A different theme will be addressed each month. These are:
February:          Water
March:              Human Health and Well-being
April:                 Land use and natural ecosystems
May:                 Energy
June:                 Equity and Peace
July:                  Economic systems
August:             Climate
September:        Labour Force and Work
October:            Transportation and urban design

One keynote paper for each theme will be posted on the web-site and then a
further nine papers at the beginning of each month. Registrants will have
access to all papers and the opportunity to post two comments a month.

In November, a face-to-face conference will be held in Canberra to review
the material covered.

Papers are hereby invited. They must be 1500 words, accompanied by a 150
word summary, and not include more than ten references.

Cost of registration is $50 for nine months ($35 concession) or $10 a month.

Further information: http://www.isosconference.org.au.
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