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Dear ASC members,

I'm writing to update exhibitors, sponsors, pr representatives and other
stakeholders on the International Congress of Genetics media program. 
In this message: 
 - Media opportunities and media timetable
 - Congress daily newspaper - classified adverts available
 - Congress program and abstracts available online
 - Watson and Khorana unable to attend
 - Key media dates and time, opening weekend.
 - Special PR forum - Selling Science

Media interest in the Congress has greatly exceeded our expectations. We now
have over 75 accredited media. If you have a relevant story you'd like to
issue through our media centre please drop and see us any time from Saturday
afternoon or email media at geneticsmedia.org 

We would also like to profile our sponsors, exhibitors and Victorian biotech
businesses during our press conferences throughout the Congress. 
If you have a company profile or other relevant material let us know. At the
end of one of the press conferences we will make a 30 second pitch on your
behalf and refer media to you for more information.

We've placed a detailed media timetable on the media web at
www.geneticsmedia.org and we would welcome your feedback and comments.

Australian Biotechnology News Genetics Congress edition

During the Congress, Australian Biotechnology News will publish five (5)
four page daily editions encompassing the major announcements and papers
presented at the show as well as highlighting up coming events on the day of
publication.  This is in addition to the July 4 issue of Australian
Biotechnology News that is focusing on Australian genetics.

Working closely with the management of the International Congress of
Genetics, the edition will be created on the Australian Biotechnology News
stand each day and 2500 copies will be distributed to all the delegates each
morning during the plenary sessions by ICoG staff.
"ABN Genetics Daily" . As the exclusive daily publication, the Australian
Biotechnology News Genetics Daily will be the must read of the show. As such
it will provide an excellent vehicle for you to maximise the value of your
involvement in the event. Each day the edition will include six classified
advertising spaces to enable sponsors and exhibitors to promote such things
as activities on their stands, key note speakers from their companies, or
events they are sponsoring.  As there will only be a limited number of
spaces available, we encourage you to book early and ensure you do not miss

Pricing (All prices subject to 10% GST)
Classified advertising
Pre-purchased classified blocks (60mm x 70mm) cost $600 each or $2500 for a
five block purchase. Blocks purchased at the show will sell for $900 each
and must be purchased with final approved copy by midday, on the day prior
to publication.
Size: 300mm x 235mm (the same size as the regular Australian Biotechnology
Stock: 100 gsm Gloss
To book advertising or for further information, please contact Andrew
Birmingham on
T: 02 9902 2719 , or email andrew_birmingham at idg.com.au

Program and abstracts

The final program and abstracts are available on the media web at
www.geneticsmedia.org. Please note that the abstracts are embargoed until
the day and time of presentation at the Congress. The abstracts have been
loaded on the web as password protected pdf files to restrict access to
those journalists who have agreed to respect our embargos. If you'd like to
access the abstracts then email me with a promise to honour our embargos and
a good reason for getting access.


Key media dates and times for the opening weekend
-	Thursday 3 July at 11.15: Sequence your own DNA - media launch of
Congress with the Federal Science Minister - media welcome to give DNA too,
Thursday 3 July at 11.15, Genetics, University of Melbourne
-	Saturday 5 July 1 pm Public Forum , Genetics of Addiction with Jay
Hirsh (University of Virginia) 
-	Sunday 6 July, 10 am Media room opens, 11 am Genetics primer for
media, 1 pm opening press conferences, 2 pm GM delegates debate, 4 pm
opening ceremony preview, 7.30 pm opening ceremony
And international and interstate media are invited on a mystery bus tour
mixing wine, science, platypus and other marsupials. We're planning this for
Saturday 12 July, but may be able to do a mini tour on Wednesday 9 July.
Please let Niall at geneticsmedia.org know if you are interested.

James D. Watson and Gobind Khorana

James D. Watson and Gobind Khorana are now unable to attend the Genetics
Congress.  Both James D.  Watson and Gobind. Khorana have expressed profound
regret, commenting that the Congress was a significant landmark event on
their calendars.  Dr. Watson is unable to attend due to the fact that his
son, Rufus, has a serious illness.   The Congress organizers are totally
supportive of the decision not to attend, given the circumstances, and send
their best wishes to James D. Watson and Gobind Khorana.
James D. Watson was to be interviewed live, on stage during the Congress
opening ceremony.  He has graciously  consented to the filming of an
interview prior to the Congress.  This interview will be conducted at Cold
Spring Harbor in the next few days.  Portions of it will be screened during
the Opening Ceremony, as will a greeting from Francis Crick.  In addition
four of our luminaries - Sydney Brenner, Seymour Benzer, Charles Yanofsky
and Robin Holliday - will now be interviewed on stage in the Opening.  This
will all be preceded by a spectacular, multi-media/live performance hybrid
entitled, Genomes - The Linkage to Life.   The Opening Ceremony is sponsored
by Varian.   The Welcome Reception that follows the Ceremony is sponsored by
Ernst and Young.

At the DNA Discovery Dinner, James D. Watson was to be part of a launch of
two new Australian stamps that have a genetics theme.  James D. Watson's
comments on the stamps and the DNA 50 anniversary will be shown using video.
Again, there is a video tape from Francis Crick.  Sydney Brenner and Francis
Collins will be on the podium to bring their reflections on the anniversary.
Combining all of this with great food and entertainment, the DNA Discovery
Dinner will be long remembered as a significant event.  This Dinner is
sponsored by IBM - Solutions for Life Sciences.

Selling Science
Selling Science - lunch forum
Science, business, and public relations often clash. but they should have
much in common. 
The media and the public are overwhelmed with a confusion of health messages
- accurate and inaccurate. What's the way forward for ethical PR and
reporting of scientific advances? The Public Relations Institute of
Australia and the International Congress of Genetics invite you to a lunch
forum to discuss these issues.
Bookings essential, download form at www.yourgeneticscongress.org
TIME: 12.30pm - 2.00pm for a light luncheon 
VENUE: Holiday Inn Melbourne - Bridge Room 2 1 - 5 Spencer Street, Melbourne
Presented by PRIA.


Niall Byrne
Media Officer
XIX International Congress of Genetics
Melbourne, 6-11 July 2003

PO Box 199 Drysdale 3222 Australia
Ph +61 3 5253 1391, fax +61 3 9923 6008, mobile 0417 131 977
Niall at geneticsmedia.org
niall at byc.com.au 

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