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28 July 2003
For immediate release

Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, August 2003

The Legal Helix
Fifty years ago Watson and Crick unravelled the structure of DNA. Now, legal
issues over access to sequence data are unravelling public research.

Herto Fossils Clarify Modern Human Origins
Colin Groves explains the implications of the Herto fossils for human
evolution and our concept of race.

Fantastic Photonics
Demand for faster communications is driving fibre optics to important
physical limitations, but photonics researchers are now manipulating
polymers to bring fibre into the home.

The Real Cost of Agriculture
Australia¹s water budget is in deficit due to inappropriate agricultural
practices. Bottling groundwater would be more profitable than using that
water to grow rice.

Invasion of the Massive Molluscs
Football-sized snails threaten agriculture, the environment and human health
if they become established here.

Weapons of Mass Spectrometry
Two technology exporters that are expanding offshore for entirely different
reasons. One has potential orders of $1 billion for military technology. The
other has declared war on the government for banning exports on an
instrument categorised as a weapon of mass destruction.

Submersible Scientists
Harry Breidahl dives 1 km below the ocean surface to study a deep sea
creature that¹s wreaking havoc on commercial fishing.

Olympics Make Waves over Ferry Wakes
The 2000 Sydney Olympic Games provided unique opportunities to study the
effects of boat wakes on aquatic animals.

Public Good in an Absurdly Patented World
Richard Jefferson says trite and incorrect dogma concerning ownership and
control of IP is stifling innovation.

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