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BED-WETTERS CAN'T BREATHE EASY Breathing problems are to blame for many
cases of bed-wetting, a Sydney researcher claims. He believes that a simple
device to widen the palate might stop the problem, and is about to start a
large trial to test his theory. Small studies have already shown that many
children who have surgery for airway obstruction stop wetting their beds
almost overnight. Pages 14-15  
OCEANS RAPED OF THEIR FORMER RICHES Ten times as many whales as previously
thought may once have swum the seas, according to a new study. And 90 per
cent of large predatory and bottom dwelling fish have been lost from most
fisheries. Has our plundering irrevocably upset the world's marine
ecosystems? Pages 4-5
ENERGY SPECIAL: OIL Experts say that the day we can no longer pump enough
oil from the ground to meet our energy demands is likely to happen within
the next few years. If we want to continue driving cars and lighting our
homes, we need to find a new source of energy, and fast. Over the next three
weeks New Scientist reports on three competing visions. This week we look at
when the oil crisis is likely to happen, and whether heavy oil is the answer
to avert it. Pages 8-11
MONSTERS OF THE DEEP For centuries, the giant squid of the deep has haunted
human imagination. In the past decade many of them have ventured into
fishing nets and been examined by Australian researchers. And they're not
the only squid on the block. The colossal squid is a mean machine-and there
may even be other monsters roaming the oceans. Pages 24-29 
MARTIAN WARM SPOTS COULD BE TOWERS OF ICE Unusual warm spots found on Mars
might be "ice towers" similar to those in Antarctica. They could even
harbour life, a Melbourne researcher told a conference in Pasadena last
week. New Scientist's free public website at http://www.newscientist.com 
BIG APPETITE (short story) The fossilised body of an ichthyosaur, with
exceptionally well preserved gut contents, has revealed that the giant
marine reptiles had a more varied diet than we realised, according to a
research team from the University of New South Wales. Page 20
CHANGEABLE CHIP PASSES COSMIC RAY TEST A new type of computer chip, now
aboard the Australian satellite FedSat 1, has been able to detect cosmic ray
damage and reset itself. The American designed chip can be fully
reconfigured for new tasks while in orbit. New Scientist's free public
website at http://www.newscientist.com 
INTO THE SPHERE OF FIRE The magnetosphere is a distorted sphere of fire that
forms at the edge of the atmosphere, where the Earth's magnetic field meets
hot plasma. Occasionally, it will throw a violent explosion of energy
towards earth. No one knows what triggers these events, but NASA is sending
an expedition to find out. Pages 31-33 
ANTIPODES: A KNOWING CONCERN? Ian Lowe considers attitudes to GM foods and
resistance to putting ethanol in petrol. Page 43
HAPPINESS HELPS FIGHT OFF COLDS Happy people are three times less likely to
get a cold, according to researchers who squirted cold virus up the noses of
volunteers. See also...  India's electronic election; The volcanic prion
killer; Ancient Roman cosmetics. New Scientist's free public website at
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