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Half a kilo a week - early results for Australian obesity drug

Monday 3 March 2003


I sent this message to the Nutritionists Network ('Nut-Net'), a professional
nutrition discussion group. A prominent nutritionist on that list replied
(in part):

"What is the world coming to!  We have a drug tested on 36 men, divided into
4 groups (so 9 on each dose) and weight measured for 1 whole week.  How on
earth can changes in weight have any meaning over such a short time period?

"OK, I realise the drug has to be tested more fully, but why seek publicity
at this stage?  Only fairly definite and acute side effects could possibly
be evident in a 1 week trial.  The fact that there were some side effects in
the group on the highest dose should surely send some kind of warning that
lots more testing needs to be done before going public."

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I'd have to say I find it hard to disagree with that criticism.

Was the evidence strong enough for a media release at this stage?

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