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The IEEE Computer Society and The National Institute of Engineering 
and Information Sciences

Evolutionary Computation:
Darwinian Thinking to Solve Real-World Problems

IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Dr David B Fogel PhD
CEO, Natural Selection Inc.

12.15pm, Monday, 24 March 2003
SAS Visions Theatre, National Museum of Australia
Entry free.  Bookings on 6208 5021. Light lunch after.

Come and listen to David Fogel who is the creator of Blondie24. 
"Blondie is a twenty-four-year old graduate student in mathematics. 
She's sporty and intelligent, but her real claim to fame is that she 
can play a mean game of draughts.  She's a self-taught 'top 500' 
international tournament player.  No one showed her how to play, she 
didn't read any books, and she wasn't born with the skill."

Blondie24 is actually a computer program that taught itself to play 
draughts by imitating Charles Darwin's principles of evolution. 
Rather than acquiring artificial intelligence (AI) through being 
programmed to perform human activities, like play draughts, Blondie24 
is a computer program that has automatically improved itself over 
time without the bias of human knowledge.

*	What does this mean for the concept of artificial 
intelligence and the future of machines that can see, think and do?
*	How can evolutionary computation be applied to real-world 
problems in transportation, defence, medicine, and entertainment?

Blondie24 has been featured in the NY Times, the journal Nature, and 
the television game show Jeopardy.

Demonstration: Blondie24 will be demonstrated and participants will 
have the opportunity to pit their skills against the program.

Abstract and bio: http://www.rsise.anu.edu.au/nieis/fogel_abstract.pdf
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