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Australia needs a huge nationwide effort to commercialise the outstanding ideas which are pouring out of our universities and science agencies, if economic growth is to be sustained.

That's the view of three leaders of the 'ideas economy' - Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, Chief Scientist Dr Robin Batterham and Science Minister Peter McGauran.

Speaking in the lead-up to Australia's first Commercialisation Forum and Fair of Ideas (CFFI), the three are urging Australians to seize the opportunity to forge a world lead in turning knowledge into growth, jobs and sustainability.

"Australia's economic and environmental future depends significantly on how good we are at turning our best ideas into useful and valuable products and services," says Professor Doherty.

"In the past we let good Australian ideas to slip through our fingers. That's no longer good enough.  The C21st economy is founded on knowledge and on putting it to good use - which often involves commercializing it.

"To be a successful player, Australia has to learn how to grow our knowledge system, from R&D through to successful commercialization. We cannot afford simply to be good at one or two aspects of the process - we need to put the whole innovation chain together and work as teams."

"CFFI is a place where scientists, technologists, investors, managers and entrepreneurs come together to build those teams. It is the seeding ground for our future as a sustainable and prosperous society."

Chief Scientist Dr Batterham says commercialisation leads to new jobs, new growth and a community that hums.

"At the core is exciting and excellent science but the flesh is the entrepreneur and the investor.  The interaction of technology management, human resources, finance and marketing provide the casing.

Recent surveys show that commercialisation of our university research is much improved, Dr Batterham says - but there is still potential to secure even more substantial returns.

"Australian universities have started to find the common ground, and now is the time to develop appropriate incentives to enable our leading research departments to compete with the world's best."

Federal Minister for Science Peter McGauran says the Commercialisation Forum & Fair will be an excellent platform to showcase over 200 of Australia's exciting market-ready ventures.

"This forum is a collaboration of technological developments that highlights Australia's commitment to the commercialisation of scientific ideas," Mr McGauran said.

"In this way Australia places itself at the forefront of an exciting era of science technology."

Australia's first Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas takes place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, March 26-28.  The Forum is on Thursday, March 27, starting at 8.50AM.

Attendees are advised to register immediately:


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