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TALENT-SPOTTING SOFTWARE A Spanish company has developed software that can
determine the hit potential of music before its release. The company claims
it picked out recent chart topper Norah Jones months before she scooped the
Grammy awards. Page 17
BONES TELL WHERE VICTIMS LIVED Homicide detectives now have a reliable way
to determine how long a victim has been dead and where they may have
lived-from their bones. A British scientist has pioneered a technique
similar to carbon dating, which looks at the decay of other elements in a
victim's bones. Page 7
A PHONE THAT KNOWS YOU'RE BUSY A clever piece of software and an array of
behaviour sensors built into your phone can tell by your body language and
activity if you're too busy to be interrupted. The system could also be used
for email in computers. Page 22
BURPING ANIMALS CLEAN UP THEIR ACT Adding fish oil to food for farm animals
could cut the amount of the potent greenhouse gas methane they emit.
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, fishy fodder cuts by
nearly half the level of farmyard belches, which currently account for about
22 per cent of global methane emissions. Page 23
IS THAT SINISTER SPOT CANCER? A new scanning technique could help decide
whether suspicious breast lumps found in mammograms are cancerous, without
resorting to biopsies. The scanner works by highlighting the network of
blood capillaries that nourish tumours. Tests suggest the technique could
cut false alarms by up to 70 per cent. Page 14
SMART VIRUS HUNTS DOWN TUMOURS A virus engineered to target tumours could
give doctors a weapon against cancers that have spread throughout the body.
A biotech company in Maryland has recently completed an initial trial with a
virus modified to carry a gene that binds it to receptors common to all
tumour cells wherever they are. Page 21
ALTERED BEET OFFERS TASTE OF THE FUTURE Contrary to expectations, a field
crop trial in Denmark suggests that genetically engineered sugar beet is
more friendly to wildlife than its conventional counterpart. Pages 8-9
RECORD COMPANIES FEAR 100-HOUR DISCS It's bad news for the music industry as
electronics giants Sony and Philips both launch recording systems that allow
people to copy between 30 to 100 hours of music onto a single blank disc.
The launch comes as the music industry suffers its worst slump since the CD
was introduced-mainly due to free online downloading. Page 11
CAR LOVERS RECOGNISE VEHICLES AS FACES Men who are fanatical about cars
identify vehicles with the same brain circuitry as used to recognise faces,
new American research shows. New Scientist's free public website at
TEXT MESSAGE BEATS FRAUD (short story) A British company has come up with a
clever system to foil thieves who steal credit cards. When a shop swipes a
stolen card, the bank's computers automatically send an SMS message to the
legitimate holder requesting authorisation. Page 16
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