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Special Media Release March 15 issue
Here's to the next 50 years of discovery
On 25 April 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick announced their discovery of
the structure of DNA. Half a century on from the discovery of the double
helix, researchers are only just beginning to understand this complex
structural hierarchy and determine its biological significance.
NewScientist's March 15 special DNA issue brings you the latest
breakthroughs and research in these areas. Page 35
Your chance to have your DNA sequenced
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of DNA's structure,
NewScientist is offering 10 lucky winners the opportunity to have a section
of their DNA sequenced.
The DNA will be taken from the control region of your mitochondria, the
power plants of your cells. This stretch of DNA is used to track migrations
of people through history and to trace the ancient maternal lines of people
living today.
In association with Oxford Ancestors www.oxfordancestors.com
<http://www.oxfordancestors.com/>  Page 52
DNA Facts
If you extracted all the DNA from your body and extended it fully, it would
stretch to the sun and back 600 times.
The double helix diagram in the landmark 1953 paper was drawn by Odile
Crick, Francis Crick's wife, who is better known for painting nudes.
Research on DNA has won nine Nobel prizes: six for physiology or medicine
and three for chemistry. In 1993, DNA research won in both categories.
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