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Fri Mar 14 11:11:50 EST 2003


Two hundred of Australia's hottest high technologies will be on show
when the first Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas kicks off on
March 26.

The cream of market-ready research from 44 of the nation's universities
and science agencies includes new disease treatments, smart
surveillance, cutting edge IT, clean energy systems, nanotechnologies
and tools for training singers.

"It is the most remarkable assemblage of Australia's collective
brainpower in one place at one time," says organiser Mr Bob Taylor of
Knowledge Commercialisation Australia. "The scope and the quality are

"You could say the Fair is a preview of our future - showing the kind of
technologies that will deliver the knowledge economy, creating thousands
of jobs and $ billions worth of new exports in the coming few years."

The Forum and Fair is also a place where scientists, technologists,
investors, managers and entrepreneurs will come together to build the
innovation teams and new enterprises that will drive the knowledge

Among the featured technologies:

* a potent new painkiller made from Australian sea shells
* new tests for diabetic eye disease, cataract and glaucoma
* solutions for busted athletes - new ways to repair broken bones and
torn cartilages
* a 3D imaging system for the human body
* infant car seat inserts that reduce sudden infant death syndrome
* an smart system that verifies handwritten signatures
* self-cleaning paint for cars, houses, indoor surfaces
* viruses designed to kill malignant melanoma, breast and prostate
* a novel plastic that turns to ceramic when exposed to fire
* a solar-gas energy system for supplying urban electricity
* better ways to predict air quality and pollution
* new tools for training singers
* 3D telephony system
* automatic speaker identification
* nanotechnologies in the home
* engineered vitreous stone - a new building material
* high-precision micro-machining
* new ways to grow and repair broken bones
* a novel anti-thrombotic drug to prevent heart disease and stroke
* a computer-based biodiversity monitoring system
* special molecules for controlled release of pharmaceuticals
* new tests for blue-green algae and cryptosporidium in drinking water
* fully-synthetic vaccines
* an electrical switch activated by mind control
* a next-generation ultra-high density digital memory device
* electronic medical and health records
* flexible teaching and learning systems
* software for complex decision making
* nutrients from waste.

Australia's first Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas takes place at
the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney,
March 26-28.  The Forum is on Thursday, March 27, starting at 8.50AM.

Attendees are advised to register immediately:

More information:
Mr Bob Taylor, CFFI coordinator, 0409 855 993
Bob.taylor at flinders.edu.au

Mr Paul Field, Aust. Technology Park, 0417 299 837
p.field at atp-innovations.com.au

Julian Cribb, media contact, 0418 639 245
Julian.cribb at csiro.au

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