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20th March 2003
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World Day for Water - 22nd March 2003 - 'Water for the Future' 

The world celebrates the "World Day for Water" on 22nd March 2003.
The theme this year is "Water for the Future", calling on all to observe sustainable approaches to water use for the benefit of future generations.  World Water day this year coincides with celebrations marking 2003 as the International
Year of Fresh Water. 
With drought, dust storms and bushfires sounding a wake-up call about the real value of water in this dry continent, Australians have a special interest in the World Water Day message this year.
CSIRO scientists are available for interviews on Friday 21st  March and Saturday 22nd  March (World Day for Water).  They are able to speak on the following topics:

Challenging our water myths        
The current drought again called forth the same old myths about turning the rivers inland and cries to "drought-proof" the continent.
Dr John Williams (Chief CSIRO Land and Water and Wentworth Group member) can be interviewed about how drought should be a wake-up call for Australians to come to terms with the nature of our continent, its rivers and landscape.
Contact:  John Williams, CSIRO Land and Water, Canberra, 0419 253 915, 02-6246 5940
Water use and urban water conservation 
Australia is the world's driest inhabited continent and at the same time its population is one of the highest consumers of water in the world. This makes sustainable water use one of the nation's major challenges. 
Dr Geoff Syme and Dr Tom Hatton are available to speak on water conservation and sustainable community decisions about water use. 
Contacts: Geoff Syme, CSIRO Land and Water, Perth, 0429 982 903, 08-9333 6291      
      Tom Hatton, CSIRO Land and Water, Perth, 0419 230 890, 08-9333 6208
Mr Andrew Speers can be interviewed about about cheaper, more sustainable water and waste water services. 
Contact: Andrew Speers, CSIRO Urban Water Program, 0417 425 934, 02-9490 5437

Harnessing waste water 
If we could adopt ways to reclaim and re-use storm water, treated sewage effluent and 'grey' (household) wastewater, we would be in a much better position to deal with water shortages and manage our water supplies. 
Dr Simon Toze is available to speak on water re-use options, including aquifer storage and recovery (ASR). 
Contacts: Simon Toze, CSIRO Land and Water, Perth, 0408 292 273, 08-9333 6130
Dr Lisa Brennan can be interviewed about a study that shows how recycled water from sewage treatment plants could help Darling Downs farmers facing critical water shortages.
Contact: Lisa Brennan, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Brisbane, 0427 112 384, 
07-3214 2375
More efficient irrigation practices 
Irrigated agriculture contributes approximately 50% of the total net returns to agriculture each year from 0.5% of the farmed area in Australia. But, in producing these returns it uses more than 70% of our total water resource. 
Dr Wayne Meyer (also Interim CEO of newly formed CRC Irrigation Futures) is available to speak on the real cost of food and water.  
Contact:  Wayne Meyer, CSIRO Land and Water, Adelaide, 0407 953 544, 08 8303 8683

Dr Shahbaz Khan can comment on innovative irrigation delivery applications, efficient irrigated cropping systems, and the globally recognised Murrumbidgee catchment.
Contact:  Shahbaz Khan, CSIRO Land and Water, Griffith, 0409 984 076, 02-6963 0439 

Water in the tropics
Tropical Australia offers great potential for further agricultural growth. The challenge is to ensure that we develop our tropical resources sustainably and balance competing land and water uses.
Dr Keith Bristow and Dr Christian Roth can be interviewed about water in the tropics and regional projects aimed at integrated water management. 
Background:http://www.clw.csiro.au/priorities/tropics/ and:http://www.clw.csiro.au/lbi/
Contacts: Keith Bristow, CSIRO Land and Water, Townsville, 0408 468 941, 07-47538596
               Christian Roth, CSIRO Land and Water, Townsville, 0407 668 513, 07-4753 8569
A new framework for trading water 
A national public consultation over water allocation, river flows, water trading, environmental degradation and compensation, is now underway in Australia. 
Professor Mike Young can comment on a proposed national water-trading framework to define water rights and underpin urgently needed water policy reforms. 
Contact: Mike Young, CSIRO Land and Water, Adelaide, 0408 488 538, 08-8303 8665
For further information on World Day for Water:www.clw.csiro.au
To arrange interviews please contact Lynne Griffiths (08) 8303 8513, 0411 557 925

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