[ASC-media] Re:CSIRO Media Release - VinlifeTM Where's the beef?

David Vaux vaux at wehi.EDU.AU
Thu Mar 20 17:54:10 EST 2003

> VinlifeTM, a natural antioxidant, grapeseed extract and functional food
> ingredient developed by the Barossa-based Tarac Technologies, was
> recently found by the CSIRO to have a positive benefit for aspects of
> heart health when incorporated in food.

Where was this study published?
Has it been subject to peer review?
What aspects of heart health were measured?
Given that Tarac Technologies is owned by CSIRO, is there a conflict of
interest in CSIRO doing the testing?

> Designed for use in foods as diverse as breakfast cereals, cracker
> biscuits and fruit juices, Tarac's VinlifeTM, when incorporated into
> yoghurt over a four week period, was found to improve the ability of the
> arteries to expand in response to a need for greater blood flow.

Has this study been published?
Was it peer reviewed?
What sort of arteries were tested?
Were they human or animal arteries?
Are expanding arteries "healthier", or is this just speculation?

> According to the CSIRO's Director of Clinical Research, Dr Peter
> Clifton, these findings are important because the end result with foods
> like this for the general population could be improved circulation and
> reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
> "Not only do we need sound scientific evidence to support the health
> claims we make, but it also underpins the integrity of our innovative
> natural ingredients," he says.

Exactly.  So where is the sound scientific evidence underpinning the claim
that VinlifeTM has a positive benefit for aspects of heart health when
incorporated in food?

- David Vaux

> The CSIRO trials were funded jointly by Tarac and CSIRO, through the
> "Food into Asia" research program.

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