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Imagine being able to turn the lights on with your mind or using your thoughts to control your computer.

This is the vision of the creators of the Mind Switch at the University of Technology Sydney - just one of 200 cutting-edge technologies that will feature at Australia's first Commercialisation Forum and Fair this coming week. 

Prof. Ashley Craig and his team have used a multi-disciplinary approach to create a device called the Mind Switch which uses you brain waves to activate electrical devices via a computer.

The Mind Switch consists of a small cap that contains electrodes to pick up the brain's natural activity through the scalp. The cap reads the brain's alpha waves and transmits signals to a computer, which is connected to power points around the house. Changes in brain waves can signal these power points to switch on or off, thereby allowing the user to activate electrical devices. 

The device works over a distance of 300 metres and when first worn the user must open and close their eyes to record their personal maximum and minimum range of alpha levels.

Prof. Craig's team has developed the Mind Switch to assist profoundly disabled people to control their environment, but also has plans to use their invention for teaching purposes.

"The Mind Switch represents a significant improvement over competing devices in a market that is estimated to be worth $100 million worldwide annually," Prof. Craig said.

The researchers are seeking funding to launch the Mind Switch here and in the USA. 

Australia's first Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas takes place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, March 26-28.  

Program details and to register: www.kca.asn.au

More information on the Mind Switch:
Prof. Ashley Craig on (02) 9514 1358 or Ashley.Craig at uts.edu.au.

More information on CFFI:
Mr Bob Taylor, CFFI coordinator	 0409 855 993
Bob.taylor at flinders.edu.au
Mr Paul Field, Aust. Technology Park 		0417 299 837
p.field at atp-innovations.com.au
Julian Cribb, media contact			0418 639 245
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