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Every dreamed of singing like Pavarotti? Or maybe you just want to improve your karaoke technique. 

Computer software invented at the University of Sydney could be just the thing to polish your tonsils and hone your croon.

SING and SEE is a software system that gives near real-time analysis of a singer's voice and displays it on a screen. This provides handy feedback for singers to train to the correct pitch, as well as helping them to understand the characteristics of their voices.

The software is one of the highlights of this week's Commercialisation Forum and Fair of Ideas in Sydney (March 26-28).

The heart of the software is a collection of algorithms - mathematical equations - specifically designed to analyse the singing voice, which differs greatly from normal speech. SING and SEE was developed by scientists based in the School of Communication Science & Disorders at the University of Sydney.

"SING and SEE gives singing students the ability to 'see' what they are singing," said Dr William Thorpe of the research team. "This can be of great benefit to students and teachers alike, providing a new tool for singing teaching that complements and enhances the traditional learning environment."

The researchers are seeking seed funding to develop the software for commercial release, as well as to further develop the technology for a wider range of uses.

Australia's first Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas takes place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, March 26-28.  

Program details and to register: www.kca.asn.au

More information on SING and SEE:
John Woolley, Sydney University		02  9351 3636

More information on CFFI:
Mr Bob Taylor, CFFI coordinator	         0409 855 993
Bob.taylor at flinders.edu.au
Mr Paul Field, Aust. Technology Park 		0417 299 837
p.field at atp-innovations.com.au
Julian Cribb, media contact			0418 639 245
Julian.cribb at csiro.au

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