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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science magazine, April 2003

Global Warming Contributes to Australia¹s Worst Drought
Human-induced global warming is a key reason why the present Australian
drought has been so severe.

Mungo Jumbo
The dispute over the age of the Mungo Man skeleton continues despite recent
claims of a consensus.

Excited to Death
Brain degeneration in Alzheimer¹s disease is caused by overactive neurons.

Border Surveillance Beyond the Horizon
Interference is being eliminated from Australia¹s over-the-horizon radar
network to reveal shipping and aircraft movements thousands of kilometres
from our shores.

Crud Does ³Threaten² the Great Barrier Reef
A flurry of new reports support scientists¹ fears for the health of
Australia¹s coral icon.

Tectonic Extinction
Continental drift has been controlling nature¹s evolution and extinction for
billions of years.

Bird Brains and Animal Rights
Are some animals so smart that they should be granted legal rights?

Putting the Finger on Gene Expression
Protein segments that use zinc ions to stabilise their structure may also
turn out to be suitable scaffolds for drugs targeted at specific diseases.

New AGE for Diabetes Treatment
Health outcomes like blindness, amputations, kidney failure and
cardiovascular disease point to a possible treatment that prevents high
blood pressure in diabetics.

Closer to the Big Bang
A new satellite has discovered the first stars in the Universe.

Conserving Little Things for a Bigger Plan
Small marine invertebrates offer clues to the effects of habitat
fragmentation resulting from human activities.

conScience - A Nation Worth Defending
Alex Reisner argues that the government's current emphasis on international
concerns must not excuse the continuing decay gnawing at Australia's
knowledge infrastructure.

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