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A revolutionary new system that uses mine waste to generate clean power, a new tool that will help to reduce drug design costs and a new smart tray for oyster farmers will be some of the technologies that CSIRO is highlighting at the
Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas in Sydney, this week (March 26-28), Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour. 

The system that uses mine waste to generate clean power is called Liquatech. The CSIRO-Liquatech system will generate electricity from waste coal not suitable for normal power generation and methane gas that would otherwise have polluted
the atmosphere.

Other examples of CSIRO technologies being featured include: 

* Scientists are creating the energy concept of the future -- the integration of renewable energy with fossil fuels to produce hydrogen to power our homes and cities. The process uses solar energy to re-form fossil fuels to yield hydrogen.
The hydrogen can then be used in a fuel cell to make electricity. This hybrid approach to energy production could extend fossil fuel reserves and lower greenhouse emissions.

* The Sentinel Fire Mapping website is an internet-based continental-scale mapping tool designed to provide timely fire location data to emergency service managers across Australia. There is a business opportunity to extend both the market
range and reach of this high-profile prototype system. Potential applications include coastal and natural water systems management, land and river health, and vegetation and fuel load monitoring - specifically for monitoring of floods,
locating and monitoring oil spills, toxic algal blooms and other emergency situations. See  <http://www.sentinel.csiro.au/> http://www.sentinel.csiro.au/

* A new fumigation technology - COSMICÔ  is the trade name for carbonyl sulfide (COS) developed by CSIRO's Stored Grain Research Laboratory. It is widely recognised as a potential replacement for methyl bromide (an ozone depletant) and an
alternative to phosphine for commodity and structural fumigation.

Apart from these technologies, CSIRO's Executive Director of Business Development & Commercialisation, Mr Mehrdad Baghai will speak about CSIRO's approach to commercialisation and technology transfer.

"Most people have a view of commercialisation as patents, licences and spin-offs. There are, however, other ways to have impact on technology transfer," Mr Baghai says.

"CSIRO is currently assessing ways to get maximum value and impact from commercialisation." 

"In the future CSIRO will be experimenting with new ways of spinning-off companies as well as injecting intellectual property into existing technology-based companies as an alternative to spin-offs."

The Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas will showcase market-ready discoveries and technical advances, and bring together investors, researchers, engineers and business people.

For more information about the Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas visit: 

www.kca.asn.au <http://www.kca.asn.au>

Mehrdad Baghai will speak at 2pm, Thursday, 27th March.


More information:

Rosie Schmedding, CSIRO Media 02 6276 6520

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