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Geoscience Australia
Media Statement 
23 March 2003

Bigger and better Gazetteer of Australia 2002 now available

Did you know that the longest official geographical name in Australia is "Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya", and one of the shortest is "Me". 

Did you also know that "Spring Creek" is the most common geographical name in Australia, and there is a town in Tasmania called "Nowhere Else" and a homestead in South Australia called "Didyabringyagrogalong".

All this information is from the Gazetteer of Australia, the official national database of geographical names. The 2002 version contains 297 220 approved geographical names from all over Australia.

The 2002 Gazetteer has been improved by the inclusion of three more fields:
*	A Postcode field which contains postcodes for 14 652 localities;
*	A State ID field to indicate the State or Territory within which the geographic name is located; and
*	A Concise Gazetteer field to flag which geographical name is included in the Asia-Pacific Concise Gazetteer.

The geographical names data has been provided by State, Territory and Commonwealth authorities responsible for geographic names. This is coordinated under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) and is updated annually as a collaborative effort with Geoscience Australia. Since its first release in 1995, the Gazetteer of Australia has grown by over 82 500 geographical names.

The Gazetteer provides authoritative information on the location and spelling of approved geographical names. This includes the names of features ranging from built features such as airstrips and homesteads through to natural features such as hot springs and headlands.

The data is available as fixed length text files on a single CD-ROM from Geoscience Australia. For more details about the product visit the Geoscience Australia website @ www.auslig.gov.au/products/thematic/gaz.htm or call Geoscience Australia's Data Sales area on 02 6249 9855.

The data from the Gazetteer can also be viewed freely online through Geoscience Australia's Place Name Search which can be found at www.ga.gov.au

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