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The CSIRO technology that Swiss yachting syndicate Alinghi used to help win the America's Cup last month is on display at the Commercialisation Forum and Fair of Ideas in Sydney this week.

The computer software accurately forecast changes in wind speed and direction over the America's Cup course. The forecasts and observations were clearly displayed on laptop screens for the Alinghi crew. Visitors to the Sydney Fair can view
results displayed on a laptop in a similar way.

"The work done under contract to Alinghi is an excellent example of testing scientific skill in a real-life challenge," says Chief of CSIRO Atmospheric Research, Dr Greg Ayers. 

"By applying technology to real situations we can push the model to the limits and improve our forecasts and understanding of the atmosphere. More accurate simulations of weather and climate in Australia and overseas have the real potential
to enhance people's lives," he says.

The CSIRO display at the Sydney Fair also showcases similar technology CSIRO Atmospheric Research uses to predict air quality in cities and also how pollution disperses from sources such as factory chimneys. The software is used by more
than 46 groups in Australia and 21 other countries.

The prediction techniques draw on CSIRO's expertise in climate modelling, which is also on display at the Sydney Fair. CSIRO uses the climate model to provide information such as future temperature change, decreases in snow cover and
increases in the risk of drought.

"In the Alinghi contract it was about assisting people to understand wind changes in a sporting contest, but our technology and expertise have many other applications in areas such as understanding future energy demand."

The Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas will showcase market-ready discoveries and technical advances, and bring together investors, researchers, engineers and business people.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =
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 For more information about the Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas visit:  <http://www.kca.asn.au/> www.kca.asn.au

More information:

At the Sydney Fair: Simon Torok, Communication and Marketing Manager - 0409 844 302 (mobile)

More comments on the technology: Greg Ayers, Chief of CSIRO Atmospheric Research 0414 819 405 (mobile) greg.ayers at csiro.au (email)


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