[ASC-media] Media Release - Road Crossing not Road Kill

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Wed Mar 26 16:10:14 EST 2003



  Daylight Saving comes to an end this Sunday March 30th. Unfortunately,
this will mean a sharp increase in roadkill.

"When Daylight Saving ends, peak hour is moved to coincide with the dusk
period, when nocturnal wildlife is most active. The death toll in the first
week of Daylight Saving last year was horrific." claims solicitor Sydney
Birchall Jnr.

In Ku-ring-gai, most fatalities are possums. However, reptiles and birds are
often killed during daylight hours. The recent drought has made things
worse, with animals forced to forage more widely than before for food and

This year, Sydney is trying to increase awareness and reduce roadkill with
the following EASY steps that YOU can take:
 - Don't speed
 - Be on the lookout for animals, especially at night and near bushland
 - Use high-beams whenever it is legal to
 - Flip the deflector switch on your cabin rear-view mirror on lowly lit
roads at night. Take particular care in known high-strike zones
 - Don't assume crossing animals will just 'get out of the way' - they may
be confused or dazzled
 - Flash your lights and honk your horn to alert oncoming traffic when an
animal is actually crossing
 - In spring and summer, watch out for Blue-Tongue Lizards on suburban
streets, especially when mottled with sunlight and shade
 - Never endanger your own life, or that of other drivers.

If YOU find an injured animal:
 - Wrap the animal in a blanket and put in a box in your car (keep these
items in your boot)
 - Take the animal to the nearest vet, or call Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife
Service on 9413-4300, or WIRES on 8977-3333.

[Sydney is available for photos.]

For further information contact:
Sydney Birchall Jnr, Killara
9499-3202 (h); 0405-558-547 (m)
sydney.birchall at freehills.com.au


Posted by Dr Joanne Righetti, Animal Behaviourist. Please contact Sydney
Birchall Jnr for further information on this topic.

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