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Researchers from Flinders University have come up with a convenient new way to re-set the body's clock and help overcome problems such as jet lag, disrupted sleep from shift work, winter depression and insomnia.

Shining a bright light in the eyes can help to reset your body clock to the appropriate time. For 15 years, the Flinders University team has been studying the best way to use bright light to treat problems with body clocks. 

Their special glasses that shine bright light directly into the eyes of the wearer are one of the smart new technologies featured at this week's Commercialisation Forum and Fair of Ideas in Sydney (March 26-28). 

The glasses have the advantage over other bright light treatments which involve sitting in front of large, bulky light boxes. They are ergonomically designed and portable, allowing the patient to go about normal daily tasks while being treated.

The Re-Time TM LED light glasses release a safe blue light into the eyes, eliminating colours that are not effective and are free from harmful UV. Unlike bulky light boxes which require mains power, the glasses run on a 9V battery and are less than half the cost.

"Use of Re-Time TM LED light glasses does not represent a single niche market," said Dr Thomas Duthy of Flinders Technologies Pty. Ltd., the technology transfer company responsible for commercialising the glasses. the research team. "The insomnia market is worth US$5 billion and 94% of all long haul air travellers suffer from Jet Lag. Seasonal depression affects 35 million U.S. citizens and 10per cent of Northern Europe while in Australia 2 million people suffer from various forms of insomnia."

Australia's first Commercialisation Forum & Fair of Ideas is taking place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, March 26-28.  

Program details and to register: www.kca.asn.au

More information on the Re-Time light glasses:
Dr Thomas Duthy, Flinders Technologies			(08) 8201 7788 or 0403 537 698
thomas.duthy at flinders.edu.au

More information on CFFI:
Mr Bob Taylor, CFFI coordinator	         0409 855 993
Bob.taylor at flinders.edu.au
Mr Paul Field, Aust. Technology Park 		0417 299 837
p.field at atp-innovations.com.au
Julian Cribb, media contact			0418 639 245
Julian.cribb at csiro.au

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