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November 4, 2003


Technological advances are driving scientific discoveries in proteomics, the powerful new global approach to medicine.

The latest technological advances to help us understand protein structure and function are being showcased at an international scientific symposium, the Sir Mark Oliphant Conference on "Proteomics: Progress, Partnerships and Possibilities" which is taking place at the University of Sydney, Veterinary Science Conference Centre (November 3-5).

Conference convenor Dr Kevin Downard is playing a key role in the establishment of a new Proteomics laboratory at the University of Sydney. His team is developing powerful new technologies using mass spectrometry to study protein structures and interactions with high sample throughput.

"Mass spectrometry already is a central enabling technology for proteomics" Dr Downard says, "but we are aiming to extend its reach to understand protein structure and interactions at a higher level that currently is a bottleneck to proteomics discoveries.

Dr Downard has carried out mass spectrometry research for almost 20 years and was formerly Assistant Director of the National Institutes of Health at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US with the founder of protein mass spectrometry Professor Klaus Biemann.

The Sir Mark Oliphant Conferences - International Frontiers of Science and Technology - are sponsored by the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Sir Mark Oliphant, the first president of the Australian Academy of Science (AAS).

For further information:

Media seeking to Dr Kevin Downard or other speakers at the conference are asked to contact Dr Downard, on 02 9351 4140.
or Sydney University Media Office, 02 9351 2261.

Details of the Sir Mark Oliphant Conference on Proteomics:

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