[ASC-media] Fun Science and Fast Facts at this year's Brisbane/Science Writers Festival

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Fun science at Brisbane Writers Festival

- Fun science and Fast Facts, Saturday and Sunday, October 4 and 5, 11.30-
1.30 in the Book Mania marquee at Southbank

As part of the Brisbane Writers Festival's program for kids and families,
CSIRO's Paul Holper and Simon Torok will be conducting experiments from
their Amazing Science book series published by ABC books - including some
that were banned for being too risky!

They will also use their latest book, 101 Great Australian Inventions to
look at what a super sopper, the black box flight recorder and blue
carnations have in common.

"Thousands of years ago Australian Aborigines invented boomerangs to help
them hunt, and Australians have been inventing ever since," says Paul. "From
the cardiac pacemaker to the atomic absorption spectroscope (with Vegemite
and the Chiko Roll in between), Australian inventors have discovered
extraordinary new ways to make out lives easier, better and more fun."

It is this love of science and a passion to communicate about it in simple
ways that motivated Paul and Simon to write the five books in the ABC's
Amazing Science book series.

"Science is fascinating and fun," says Simon. "In researching our latest
book we were also amazed at the breadth and depth of Australian inventions,
inventions that have earned Australia billions of dollars in income."

In their sessions at the Brisbane Writers Festival (sponsored by the Science
Writers Festival), Paul and Simon will discuss/show:

*Amazing facts about science from Book 1 (Wow!), including the biological
changes to the audience during the duration of the presentation
* Puzzles from Book 2 (Whiz!) and a give away of books to the winners
* Experiments that were banned from Book 3 (Zap!) for being too risky!
* Demonstrations of experiments from Book 3 to repeat at home
* A preview of Book 5 (101 inventions)
* Their philosophy and style of writing for the series of books

For interview contact: Simon Torok on 0409 844 302

 The Science Writers Festival is an incorporated voluntary body run by
volunteers who are Queensland members of the Australian Science
Communicators. The organisers see their involvement in the Brisbane Writers
Festival as an opportunity to make greater links between the scientific
world and mainstream culture.

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