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Ollie the snake at "Science meets Parliament" Day

Ollie the snake will be in Canberra this week, as part of "Science meets
Parliament" Day.

Ollie will be in the personal care of Dr Bryan Greig Fry, of the Australian
Venom Research Unit at the University of Melbourne.

Ollie the snake is part of Bryan's research work into the evolution of snake
venom .

Bryan is one of the 260 scientists and technologists meeting with federal
Parliamentarians to discuss the importance of the national investment in
science and technology.

The scientists have a Briefing Day at the National Press Club on Tuesday 14
October, to discuss strategy and tactics for their meetings with
Parliamentarians the next day.

Briefing Day features a lunchtime debate between Science Minister Peter
McGauran and Shadow Minister Senator Kim Carr.

Other features of the Briefing Day include a discussion by two of the
leading lights from the Wentworth Group, the scientists who turned a media
debate of Australian's water resources on its head.

Dr Fry has discovered that venom goes back much further than previously

He made the startling discovery that some of the snakes common in the
overseas pet market actually produce highly potent venoms.  This finding
will send shockwaves through the international pet snake trade.

Media opportunities

Bryan Fry and Ollie will be available for interview at the National Press
Club on Tuesday 14 October from 11 am to noon.

Media are invited to attend Briefing Day sessions, from 9.30 to 5.30 pm..

Place:              National Press Club, 16 National Circuit

Time:              11 am Tuesday 14 October

Information:  Toss Gascoigne  (02) 6257 2891; 0408 704 442

                        Sarah Brooker 041 333 2489

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