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shot ahead of its primate predecessors by shifting the activity of suite of
genes into high gear, according to American researchers. Among the small
number of genes that differ between chimps and people, 90 per cent are more
active in human brains. Page 14

3D TV AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT Engineers now have the software to deliver
three-dimensional television-and there's no need to wear those clumsy
glasses. With the click of a mouse, the software enables you to transform 2D
images into 3D images that leap out of the screen. But while 3D TV is the
ultimate goal, the experts say consumers will first be able to buy 3D
computer screens, mobile phones and computer games. Pages 28-31

THREE CLONED EMBRYOS BETTER THAN ONE (short story) Combining two or three
cloned embryos into a single one greatly improves the chances of a live
animal being born, an American team has found. Page 19

MARKET MODEL PREDICTS CRASHES (short story) A model that simulates the
activities of traders and investors is coming strikingly close to predicting
stock market crashes. According to the Americans who built it, the next
crash will be in about April 2004. Page 18

LASER-POWERED AIRCRAFT SHINES IN TESTS A prototype aircraft powered solely
by a ground-based laser has been flown successfully by NASA. It can remain
airborne as long as the energy beam is uninterrupted and could be used for
relaying phone calls or remote sensing. New Scientist's free public website
at http://www.newscientist.com <http://www.newscientist.com> 

ELECTRONIC UNDERWEAR MONITORS VITAL SIGNS Electronic underwear that monitors
vital signs could save people's lives by calling the emergency services when
help is needed, according to the German researchers who developed the new
technology. The bra or underpants have sensors woven into them that can
monitor the heartbeat of people with existing heart conditions. New
Scientist's free public website at http://www.newscientist.com

STARLESS GALAXY HIDES IN THE DARK (short story) Two million light years
away, American astronomers have found the first "dark galaxy" without any
stars. The team argue that the dark cloud of hydrogen gas they observed must
be at least 80 per cent dark matter. If they are right, it could resolve a
theoretical problem. Page 18

ENZYMES SCAN DNA USING ELECTRIC PULSE The enzymes that repair DNA may check
for mutations by sending electrons along sections of a strand, in much the
same way as electricians test for faults in circuits, say US researchers.
The mechanism could explain how problems in the genome can be located fast
enough to correct them. Page 10

IVF CREATES FOETUSES WITH THREE PARENTS A woman has become pregnant through
a procedure that combines a controversial IVF method with one of the
techniques used for cloning. Although the foetuses that resulted were not
clones, they had three genetic parents. None survived to birth. Page 12

CORNY RECORDINGS (short story) CDs could soon be recorded in plastics
derived from maize cobs. Unlike conventional discs they are biodegradable,
and do not release dioxins when burned. Page 24

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