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HOW BABY DOLPHINS KEEP PACE WITH THE POD Young dolphins are always seen in
the open ocean swimming alongside their mothers - but how do they manage to
keep up? Israeli scientists have found their secret. If the young calves
swim close enough to their mothers they literally get sucked along in the
slipstream of the moving water. Page 18

HYPERACTIVE SUN COMES OUT IN SPOTS The sun is more active now than it has
been for the past millennium. A European team of researchers reconstructed
past sunspot activity from radioactive particles found in ice cores in
Greenland and Antarctica. They found that there have been more sunspots
since the 1940s than for the past 1150 years. Page 17

ROBOTS LAUNCH DOMESTIC COUP New figures show that sales of domestic and
entertainment robots designed for the home tripled in 2002. The figures on
which the survey World Robotics 2003 is based have been driven by a
reduction in costs of robots that carry out domestic chores like vacuuming
and mowing the lawn. Page 23

NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME AS WELL AS MY PC IBM hopes to achieve superhuman
speech recognition programs that will be better than humans in identifying
words, within a decade. The machines are learning to lip-read and, unlike
humans, won't get bored. Pages 28-31

THE SPEED OF LIFE The key to a long life could be in your membranes.
Researchers say that gunky, water-tight cell membranes give slow animals
like elephants long lives, while runny, leaky membranes allow speedy mice
and hummingbirds to live fast - but die young. Pages 42-45 

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