[ASC-media] Garbage Bags, garbage trucks, Garbage Bacteria, and Garbage Press releases...

Nick Hoffman nhoffman at unimelb.edu.au
Fri Oct 31 00:22:58 EST 2003

   1. Putting the squeeze on garbage - launch of Environmental Biotech
CRC (Jenni Metcalfe)

Scientists can take the pressure off Sydney's landfill sites. They are
planning to use microscopic bacteria to extract everything of value from
the waste and garbage, so the amount to be disposed of from each garbage
truck will fit into a shopping bag.

This will reduce waste by 99 per cent, and at the same time create
valuable products such as biodegradable plastic bags, fuel, glues and
fish food.


Obviously this press release got written by the copywriter, not the
"responsible scientist"

1 garbage truck = 10 tons (at a guess)
1 garbage bag = 10 kilos (and that's generous - most plastic bags give
out at 5 kilos)

Therefore 1 truck = 1000 garbage bags, or more. 

That's a huge compression factor. It's 99.9% - ten times more than
stated in the article. If this is true, it should be spruiked. If it
isn't true, it shouldn't be in the release!

As is, the release is internally inconsistent by over one order of
magnitude in adjacent sentences. 

1 article = Garbage Science, IMHO...

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