[ASC-media] Schools get an Eco'tude

Van Tiel, Michael Michaelv at PHM.GOV.AU
Tue Apr 13 15:19:08 EST 2004

Schools get an Eco'tude
Powerhouse Museum launches ecological footprint resource for schools

The Powerhouse Museum has launched a new website Eco'tude: changing your
ecological attitude (www.powerhousemuseum.com/ecotude) that allows students
to calculate their school's ecological footprint.

Building on the success of the permanent exhibition EcoLogic: Creating a
sustainable future, the new web site encourages students to look more
closely at how they use their resources in an effort to become more

The website is simple to use and at its heart is a calculator which enables
students to estimate their school's ecological footprint - the total amount
of land disturbed by activities at the school. Land is a finite resource -
it can run out. The less land a school uses or disturbs the better it is for

The Eco'tude web calculator can be used as an influential tool that can help
students change their school's ecological attitude by giving them a way to
think about the way their school is having an impact both inside and beyond
the school gates. It has been specially designed for Australian schools and
uses real Australian data.

The calculator takes pupils step-by-step through a range of questions.
Students can either estimate the answers to these questions, or use the
auditing toolkit to investigate the questions and to get more accurate
figures. The audits in the toolkit not only help students with their
estimates but they also assist them to identify, measure and to understand
what is happening within their school. 

Eco'tude website was funded through the Australian Government's
Environmental Education Grants Program administered by the Australian
Government Department of the Environment and Heritage.

Website:	www.powerhousemuseum.com/ecotude

For media interviews and further information, please contact:
Amanda Cummergen, Media and Marketing Coordinator, Powerhouse Museum
Tel: (02) 9217 0377 Mob: 0413 337 772 Email: amandac at phm.gov.au

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