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METAL DEBRIS THREATENS CRAFT More than 100,000 pieces of metal debris from
old Soviet space reactors are putting satellites and spacecraft at risk. The
particles, which range from five to more than 50 millimetres in diameter,
are in an orbit about 900 kilometres above the Earth. Page 21

STONE AGE CATS MADE GREAT PETS People were keeping cats as pets nearly
10,000 years ago, say researchers who stumbled on the grave of a prehistoric
tabby in Cyprus. Dogs were probably socialised even earlier. Page 13

CRAB THROWS LIGHT ON TITAN'S BIG AIR The rare alignment of Saturn's moon
Titan with the Crab Nebula has allowed astronomers to view X-rays flooding
from the Crab through Titan's atmosphere, showing that it may extend further
out that expected. This means that mission controllers for the Cassini
spacecraft, on its way to Saturn, may have to tweak their plans. Page 14

FAT CELLS HEAL BROKEN SKULLS An American team has used cells purified from
belly fat to heal a mouse skull fracture too large to mend by itself. Page
17, and New Scientist's free public website at http://www.newscientist.com

INTEL LAUNCHES SECURE MOBILE CHIPS A line of microprocessors built to keep
data locked securely inside mobile devices has been launched by US chip
maker Intel. The chips are touted as a solution to the looming threat of
mobile phone viruses and hacker attacks. New Scientist's free public website
at http://www.newscientist.com <http://www.newscientist.com> 

LADIES' FINGERS GIVE ULCER BUGS THE SLIP (short story) Okra, renowned for
its slimy flesh, might help prevent stomach ulcers. It has been shown to gum
up the surface of the bacterium which causes ulcers, preventing the microbe
from clinging to the stomach wall. Page 18

WOBBLING THE PIRATES (short story) Sony has a smart idea for preventing CD
and DVD piracy by pressing discs with a wobbly spiral of pits. The player
then is instructed by the disc how to compensate. But if the disc is copied,
the wobble will be corrected, and the instructions will make it unplayable. 
Page 23...But SOFTWARE BEATS CD COPY PROTECTION A computer magazine and
software company in Germany have released software that makes it simple to
bypass any form of anti-copying technology in current use. New Scientist's
free public website at http://www.newscientist.com

WIPE AWAY BAD MEMORIES (short story) It might be possible to develop drugs
that allow doctors to tamper with our memories, just like the Men in Black's
neurolyser. The method could be used to treat drug addiction, phobias, and
post-traumatic stress disorder. Page 18

HUBBLE'S RED HEIR While the James Webb telescope will provide us with
infrared images of the earliest stars and galaxies, it may not be the
successor to Hubble astronomers were looking for. The design of the Webb
telescope has changed dramatically from what was originally intended. For
example, it will not now be able to image the ultraviolet part of the
spectrum as initially planned. Pages 26-29

BROADBAND WEB LINK GOES WIRELESS Soon we will all have high-speed access to
the Internet wherever we are, through wireless broadband. Page 24 

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