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23 April 2004


Tasmania’s Derwent Estuary is worth more than $820 million a year in 
services to the community, according to data available from leading 
coastal scientists.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway 
Management has estimated that each hectare of a coastal estuary is 
worth $41,000 per year to the community in the estuary’s ability to 
manage sediment, recycle nutrients, treat waste matter and provide 
food, transport and recreation.

This ranks estuaries as the highest-valued ecosystems in Australia – 
higher than rainforests or even coral reefs.

According to the Derwent Estuary Program, Tasmania’s Derwent Estuary 
the largest in southeastern Tasmania, is “…an asset of great natural 
beauty and diversity, and is an integral part of Tasmania’s cultural, 
economic and natural heritage.”

It is an important and productive ecosystem that supports areas of 
wetlands, underwater grasses, tidal flats and rocky reefs, and is home 
to a number of protected species, including the spotted handfish.

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