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23 April 2004

Tasmania’s 2nd State of the Environment (SoE) report, tabled earlier 
this week, is now available to the public on CD, with a launch viewing 
featuring Tasmania’s coastal environment at this week’s Coast to Coast 

Tasmania has more coastline per unit land area than any other State in 
Australia—about 4,900 km, not including Macquarie Island (Australian 
Surveying and Land Information Group 1993). No place in Tasmania is 
more than 115 km from the sea and most population centres and major 
industries are on, or near, the coast. The principal landmass is 
surrounded by islands, covered with bays and estuaries.

Created by the Resource Planning and Development Commission, the SoE 
Report details key issues affecting Tasmania's environment.

It is designed for the community and policy makers, to help in 
decision-making across government. It is also intended for scientists, 
students and resource managers who need summary information and 
perspectives from other disciplines.

A large-format interactive viewing of the CD will be available all day 
tomorrow at the conference.

Venue:				Hotel Grand Chancellor

Interview times:	11:00 am each day at the media centre.
					Other times by arrangement.

The Coast to Coast 2004 online media centre provides details of all 
media highlights and background information

Visit: www.cdesign.com.au/Coast2Coast 2004

Media enquiries: Jess Tyler, SciBiz Media. 0408 298 292

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