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23 April 2004


The National Organizing Committee of the Coast to Coast Conference – on 
in Hobart this week – has recognised 6 Tasmanians for their volunteer 
contributions to coastal management

Those presented with certificates of appreciation as part of the 

David Wyatt – for creating pioneering tourism charters to wild coasts

Thomas Moore – for creating Coastview.com.au

Priscilla Park – spreading knowledge of the importance of coast for 

Adele Fletcher – rehabilitating the giant string kelp native to 
Tasmania’s waters

June Graham – symbolic of dedicated volunteers

David Ross – for services to Fishcare in Tasmania

The Coast to Coast 2004 online media centre provides details of all 
media highlights and background information

Visit: www.cdesign.com.au/Coast2Coast 2004
Dave Wyatt

As a surfer and cray fisherman, Hobart's Dave Wyatt has a natural 
interest in the marine environment. He turned his concerns into action 
six years ago when he began volunteering his time and money to take 
surfers toTasmania's remote south-west coastline to remove marine 
debris, which had accuumulated over decades on an otherwise pristine 
World Heritage Area. In his new boat Velocity, Dave is now pioneering 
tourism charters to this same coastline, providing for the first time 
an opportunity for people to see this wild and spectacular coast from 
the water. Dave Wyatt was presented this certificate on behalf of all 
volunteers participating in the clean up of the coast and marine 

Thomas Moore

For surfers, divers, fishers and boaters, Coastview.com.au has become a
must-see website for Tasmanians with an interest in water recreation. 
four live cams now in place and a host of important content and links, 
this website has grown from a mutual interest to a serious undertaking 
for its founders Rob Winter, Thomas Moore and Justin Thurley, with the 
support of CSIRO Marine Research and the Tasmanian Government. Thomas 
Moore was presented this certificate on behalf of all those working in 
the education sector.

Priscilla Park

In the mid 1970 ‘s Priscilla first became aware of the vulnerability of 
nesting shorebirds especially Hooded Plovers, realising how susceptible 
the eggs and chicks were to human impacts on the beaches and fair game 
to uncontrolled dogs. An increasing knowledge and awareness of the 
ever-changing coastal environment has enabled her to disseminate this 
knowledge of coastal importance and its protection through her 
membership of Birds Tasmania and Coastcare. In 2002 her efforts were 
recognized with the awarding of the Professor Harry Bloom Award 
Memorial Award at the Tasmanian Awards for Environmental Excellence. 
She was presented this certificate on behalf of all volunteers working 
for the preservation of Tasmania’s wildlife.

Adele Fletcher

Adele has been active member of SeaCare since 1998. SeaCare is unique 
“hands on” organization working to rehabilitate the giant string kelp 
(Macrocystis pyrifera) native to Tasmania’s waters. People can imagine 
the difficulty of establishing and replanting in the underwater 
environment! Indeed no where else in the world has there been an 
attempt to re-establish kelp beds. Adele has been the administrative 
glue holding together the community group. A role often enough not 
recognized enough in many community awards. She was presented this 
certificate on behalf of individuals volunteering with regard to marine 
conservation in Tasmania.

June Graham

June has been a tireless worker for Mortimer Bay Coastcare on Hobart’s 
eastern shore. She has been an active participant in the Southern 
Coastcare Association of Tasmania and has volunteered with numerous 
other community groups. She is symbolic of the very dedicated 
volunteers providing so much of their time to the management of 
Tasmania’s coastal reserves. She was presented this certificate on 
behalf of all Coastcare groups in the state.

David Ross

For his services to Fishcare in Tasmania.

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