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29 April 2004      
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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, May 2004
Mass Extinctions Caused by Australian Volcanism
Huge volcanic eruptions across northern Australia triggered global warming
about 500 million years ago, causing the collapse of reef ecosystems
The Scars of Asthma
Proteins involved in the growth of scar-forming tissue are responsible for
airways narrowing in asthmatics.
Viral Haven in the Water Supply
Bacterial slimes growing on the insides of water pipes can accumulate
viruses, with serious health and socioeconomic implications.
Fountain of Youth from Coral Research
Current research into the environmental adaptations of coral reef organisms
may have significant biomedical implications that will improve our health in
old age.
Will Your Laser Eye Surgery Be A Success?
A new study has determined which factors are responsible for wide variations
in the success of laser eye surgery.
Polka Dots and Heavy Ions Lead to Tumours¹ End
Radiation therapy can be fine-tuned to target only cancerous tissue.
Rabbit Scourge Strips Macquarie Island Bare
Rabbits are wreaking havoc on Macquarie Island, but eradicating them will
have other ecological consequences.
Plants Spy on Bacterial Small Talk
Plants are smarter than they look when they eavesdrop on the communication
between soil bacteria that are colonising their roots.
conScience: Ringing Off Essential Public Services
Sharon Beder contends there is no evidence that the full privatisation of
Telstra would lead to greater efficiency.
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