[ASC-media] Biotechnology moratoriums will not stop development of biotechnology applications

Charles Willock charlesw at cse.unsw.edu.au
Thu Apr 29 16:27:05 EST 2004

Given that Biotechnology Australia has been pretty gung-ho about
GM food in the past this seems like a partially welcome change 
of tack.

There may however be an additional shift yet.  A colleague has 
pointed out the following link.  Essentially, it amounts to 
using the insight but not the manipulation provided by biotech
tools.  Perhaps that will be more acceptable?



On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 09:57:24AM +1000, Young, Janine wrote:
> Biotechnology Australia media release: 29 April 2004 
> Biotechnology moratoriums will not stop development of biotechnology
> applications 
> Moratoriums on the commercial planting of GM canola in most states will
> not necessarily prevent the development of other gene technologies that
> have higher perceived benefits and fewer perceived risks, according to
> Craig Cormick, the Manager of Public Awareness for the Australian
> Government agency, Biotechnology Australia.
> Speaking today at a forum at the Australian Centre for Plant Functional
> Genomics in Adelaide, Mr Cormick said, "There are risks and benefits
> associated with all new technologies, including gene technology, and
> they need to be properly assessed before making decisions about whether
> they are right for Australia."
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