[ASC-media] Pain killers and new mum's - is there a danger?

Samantha Lucia lucias at hri.org.au
Thu Aug 5 11:12:13 EST 2004

Pain-killers and new mums ­ is there a danger?
For immediate release Thursday 5 August 2004
The Heart Research Institute observed earlier this year that taking certain
pain killers after childbirth can dangerously increase blood pressure in
some women. In severe cases this may lead to possible stroke or worse.
The Institute is now embarking on a study to see if all new mums are at risk
of developing high blood pressure by taking certain common pain killers.
Over 400 new mums will volunteer in the study ­ their blood pressure will be
monitored during and after pain killer treatment.
What:  Media are invited to a media event to explore the link between pain
killers, high blood-pressure and associated risks. Morning tea will be
When:     11:30am, Thursday 12 August 2004.
Where:  The Heart Research Institute, 145-147 Missenden Road, Camperdown,
Sydney. Pay parking available on adjacent streets.
What to expect:
* Talk to medical experts about the links between pregnancy, blood-pressure
and pain killers. Discover why blood-pressure can increase after pregnancy -
a time when it is meant to decrease.
* Talk to a new mum about her experience and thoughts on HRI¹s study.
* Hear how blood-pressure is linked to heart disease and why HRI is
interested in it developing during pregnancy.
* Photo and image opportunities including laboratory, consultation rooms,
blood-pressure checks, new mum, scientists, experiment demonstration and
For more information or interview and image opportunities, please contact:

Samantha Lucia
Science Communicator
Heart Research Institute
Ph: 61 2 9550 3560
Fax: 61 2 9550 3302
Mob: 0407 909 102
E-mail: lucias at hri.org.au
Website: www.hri.org.au

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