[ASC-media] Austraia Council: New Round of Synapse Industry Partner Grants

Andrew Donovan a.donovan at ozco.gov.au
Wed Aug 11 15:13:06 EST 2004

New Round of Synapse Industry Partner Linkage Grants
The New Media Arts Board is pleased to announce another round of its Synapse
Industry Partner grants for 2004. This program is open to artists and
scientists proposing collaborative research projects to the Australian
Research Council's Linkage Grants category.

Please feel free to distribute this email to artists and scientist who may
be interested in this opportunity. It is important to note that the Board is
interested in only supporting those projects that fall within the practice
of new media and hybrid art. If you are unsure about what this may include
please call Geoffrey Taylor (02 9215 9110) here at the New Media Arts Board
for clarification.

What are Synapse - Australia Council Industry Partnerships?
Industry Partnerships offered under Synapse address the following broad aims
of the initiative:
* to foster new collaborations and creative partnerships between artists and
* to develop partnerships with key players in the arts, science and
technology sectors,nationally and internationally
* to develop sustainable support for long-term collaboration between the
arts and sciences.

The Australia Council has allocated funds to provide Industry Partnership
support for collaborative arts/science research applications submitted to
the Australian Research Council's (ARC) Linkage program. The closing date
for applications to the next round of the ARC's Linkage grants is Friday, 26
November 2004.

For a copy of the Request for Proposals please contact Geoffrey Taylor
g.taylor at ozco.gov.au (immediately) or Andrew Donovan a.donovan at ozco.gov.au
(after 30 August 2004) at the New Media Arts Board if you have any questions
about this process.

For further information on Synapse visit

Synapse Database
www.synapse.net.au <www.synapse.net.au> 

Andrew Donovan
New Media Arts Board

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