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 - From butterfly wings to optical fibres (NSW)
 - Turning plastic into compost (Vic)
 - Carp jump into a trap (Vic/SA/NSW)
 - Touch me, feel me – with a bionic glove (NSW)
 - Protecting the Great Barrier Reef (Qld)
 - From Bogongs to scientists (ACT)

And many more achievements by scientists, engineers, writers and students 

All recognised on 10 August at the 2004 Eureka Prizes 

A record $220,000 was presented to 22 Australian Museum Eureka Prize winners
at the 15th annual Australian Museum Eureka Prizes dinner, compered by
Jennifer Byrne and Adam Spencer at Sydney’s celebrated Hordern Pavilion on
10 August 2004. 

The 2004 Prizes recognised scientific and industrial achievements including:

§	Plastic packaging that turns to compost and is being used for
chocolate boxes (Vic)
§	Global agreement on stopping “marine rabbits” thanks to a 15-year
Australian campaign (Tas/NSW)
§	Ethical confirmation that you have a right to know how good your
surgeon is (ACT/Vic)
§	Watching the Murray leads to the perfect carp trap (Vic/SA/NSW)
§	A revolutionary glove embedded with artificial muscles restores hand
function (NSW)
§	The world’s first implantable contact lens nears human trials (NSW)
§	Bacteria protect growing cereal plants from deadly fungi – like
Yakult for plants (SA)
§	Achilles heel found in the world’s toughest parasites – malaria,
crypto and others

“The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are Australia's pre-eminent and most
comprehensive national science awards,” said Frank Howarth, Director of the
Australian Museum. “They raise the profile of science in the community by
acknowledging and rewarding outstanding science-related achievements across
research, engineering, journalism and education.” 

In congratulating the winners, Brian Sherman AM, President of the Australian
Museum Trust said, “The Eureka Prizes are made possible through a unique
partnership between the federal and NSW Governments, major private sector
organisations, and educational institutions. I pay tribute to these groups
and to their commitment to the pursuit of scientific excellence in
Australia. I thank in particular Divonne and Peter Holmes à Court, for
helping us establish a new award - $10,000 Holmes à Court Eureka Prize for
Science Teaching – and Land & Water Australia for sponsoring a new prize for
research into Australia’s critical water issues.”

Among the over 900 leaders of government, science, industry and the media
celebrating the best in Australian science at the sell-out gala dinner were
NSW Governor HE Marie Bashir, federal Science Minister Peter McGauran,
Democrats science and biotechnology spokesperson Natasha Stott Despoja, NSW
Minister for the Environment Bob Debus, NSW Minister for Science and Medical
Research Frank Sator, and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

For media materials, interviews and images call Karen Eck (0438) 532 569
email eurekamedia at austmus.gov.au and visit

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