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Sir Mark Oliphant Conferences 2004 Media Release 

Thursday, August 12, 2004		


The plastic shopping bag you put your groceries in tomorrow may come from the backside of a cow, instead of an oil well.

The degradable cow-poo bag is one facet of the new green revolution sweeping agriculture in advanced countries round the world, turning whatever currently goes to waste into something useful.

"The biotechnology is already arriving to convert wastes from farms, feedlots, abattoirs and food factories into renewable fuels, plastics, fertilizers and natural pest control agents," says Dr David Garman, Chief Executive of the Co-operative Research Centre for Environmental Biotechnology Pty Ltd.

Dr Garman is a keynote speaker at the 2004 Sir Mark Oliphant Conference on Converging Technologies for Agriculture and Environment, which is on from August 9-12 at the Duxton Hotel, 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne.

"In the agriculture of the future there will be no such thing as waste," he says. "It will use the latest biotechnology integrated with microprocessors to monitor and control natural processes related to the full range of farm production, processing and novel bio-products from material formerly regarded as waste," he says.

Waste from abattoirs will be efficiently converted to diesel fuel using heat-loving microbes, the nutrients will be extracted from animal manures for fertilizer and the remaining solids converted into biodegradable plastic. Natural pest and weed deterrents will be extracted from crop wastes to provide sustainable pest control.

Australia currently uses 6.4 billion plastic shopping bags a year - all from non-renewable sources, all used only for minutes but then taking centuries to break down. Biodegradable bags made from agricultural byproducts make far more sense, Dr Garman says.

Dr Garman will present his paper on the future for converging technologies in waste reprocessing at 5pm today, Tuesday, August 10th.

More information:
Dr David Garman, Environmental Biotechnology CRC, 0408 280 135
Pepita Maiden, Environmental Biotechnology CRC	, 02 9385 4977
P.maiden at ebcrc.com.au

At the conference:
c/- Duxton Hotel, Melbourne, 03 9250 1888
or Richard Gill, CRC for Microtechnology, 0417 477 244      richard.g at microtechnologycrc.com

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