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17 Australian Geophysics Conference and Exhibition
media release
16 August 2004

South Australia home to Australia's hot rocks


South Australia is uniquely endowed with high heat-producing rocks, making it the national focus for hot dry rock geothermal exploration according to leading experts.


Speakers presenting today at the Geophysicists 17th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition in Sydney today, say that the combination of South Australian State Government being first enact legislation permitting the licencing of geothermal exploration tenements (GELs) and the state's physical attributes make it ideal as a geothermal energy base for Australia.


The purpose of a hot dry rock geothermal development is to superheat water by pumping it down to and through hot rocks at depth. The water can then be used to drive conventional electricity generator turbines through direct conversion to steam, or through secondary steam generation via a heat exchanger.
The keynote presentation - Hot dry rock geothermal energy - will be given by Prame Chopra, Director, Geodynamics Limited today, with other talks in the session including :

  a.. the status of HDR exploration in South Australia and the key technical issues pertaining to successful HDR exploitation

  a.. Hot dry rock geothermal exploration in South Australia

  a.. Thermal modeling of the hot dry rock geothermal resource beneath GEL99, in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

  a.. Testing models for bottom hole temperature recovery, Cooper Basin, South Australia


When:                               Monday 16 August, 3:25 - 5.00pm 

Where:                             Monday Stream 2, Session 4: Geothermal energy

                                          Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour





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