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 Queensland's Science in Parliament date announced
 Premier Peter Beattie has announced that Queensland's annual Science
 in Parliament will take place on Wednesday, 6 October 2004.
 The theme will be Queensland in 2025 through the eyes of science.
 Premier Beattie, speaking in Parliament last week, said that leading
 Queensland scientists will join members of parliament to discuss how
 science will shape the future of Queensland.
 "They will discuss how the research they are involved in now could
 influence life 21 years hence. For instance, a medical researcher
 could discuss how developing a blockbuster drug that cures or prevents
 specific cancers could change the health profile of Queenslanders in
 2025," he said.
 "They will also look at our ageing population, the shape of health and
 science education in 2025, and opportunities for tropical science.
 "Science in Parliament is an opportunity for Members to acknowledge
 scientists and learn more about their vital work.
 "The Smart State should salute scientists just as we honour our sports
 The Premier also announced that Professor Julian Cribb, one of
 Australia's leading science communicators and authors, will make the
 keynote address at the event.
 "For a quarter of a century Professor Cribb has been at the forefront
 of communicating about science in Australia. His work has been
 recognised in thirty-two awards for newspaper journalism, including
 several for science and medicine," he said.
 "His address will highlight how important it is for people involved in
 science to explain its benefits for the community. Better
 communication will improve society's appreciation of innovation."
 Some 400 scientists have participated in Science in Parliament in the
 two years since we started it in 2002.
 For more details about the event and to nominate, go to:
 A full copy of Premier Beattie's Ministerial Statement about Science
 in Parliament can be accessed from Hansard at the following address.
 Please see page 7.
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