[ASC-media] Call for speakers - 2004 Queensland Astronomy Education Conference

Paul Floyd actskywatch at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jan 7 16:37:03 EST 2004

Call for speakers - 2004 Queensland Astronomy Education Conference

Major Sponsor: The University of Queensland http://www.uq.edu.au/


The Brisbane Astronomical Society will convene the fifth Queensland
Astronomy Education Conference (QAEC) on Saturday March 20th 2004. The
conference theme is ‘Earth & Beyond’.

Conference topics will include:
• Daytime astronomical activities for your classroom (primary and junior
high school)
• Internet astronomy (software, websites and web casts)
• Setting the scene: Introductory sessions on various astronomical bodies

QAEC 2004 will be held at the St. Lucia campus of The University of

Call for speakers

Organisations whose target markets are either primary teachers or secondary
science teachers and/or students, are invited to nominate themselves to
present at the QAEC 2004. Presentation time slots are 40 minutes plus 10
minutes question time.

QAEC 2004 attendees will be mostly primary and secondary teachers who have a
high level of interest in the ‘Earth & Beyond’ component of the Queensland
Yrs. 1–10 Science Syllabus. It is expected that the participants will be
split evenly between the two sectors.

Expressions of interest (consisting of a title and brief descriptive
paragraph) can be emailed to Paul Floyd at mailto:thestarman at homemail.com.au

For more information

Visit http://www.bas.asn.au/bas/2004qaec.htm

A Yahoo group for potential conference participants can be found at -

Contact Paul Floyd on 040 888 4380 or mailto:thestarman at homemail.com.au

Information on the 1999 QAEC can be found at

QAEC 04 is an educational initiative of:

Brisbane Astronomical Society Inc.
P.O Box 892, Brisbane Albert Street
QLD 4002
ABN: 90 130 679 791

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