[ASC-media] Date claimer and invitation to participate in StarFest 2004© (April 30th - May 29th 2004)

Paul Floyd actskywatch at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jan 8 09:33:00 EST 2004

Date claimer and invitation to participate in StarFest 2004©
            (April 30th - May 29th 2004)

Your organisation is cordially invited to take part in StarFest 2004©. Your
organisation simply needs to run a minimum of one event during the StarFest
2004© dates to be listed in the booklet and on the website. There is no
charge to participate.

Starfest 2004© will run from April 30th - May 29th 2004 and is planned to be
a month series of astronomical events (real and virtual) aimed at inspiring
primary and secondary students, and the general community to explore the
Universe, or perhaps just their planetary 'backyard!

History of StarFest©

StarFest© was first convened in May 1993 and was initiated initially to
support schools in their teaching of the 'Earth & Beyond' component of the
Science Syllabus. StarFest© achieves this by providing a predictable event
(which allows planning) and through the provision of detailed support
material written for Australia.

StarFest 2003© (May 2nd - 10th 1993) attracted an estimated 5,000
participants (based on file downloads) and 22 participating organisations
(including planetariums, observatories, universities and NASA's Deep Space
Communication Complex). A 17 page full colour activity booklet was provided
for downloading on the www.ozskywatch.com site.

The success of StarFest 2003© (both in estimated participant numbers and
media coverage gained for participating organisations) has confirmed that
there is an interest in, and need for this type of event.

National activities during Starfest 2004©

School students will be able to take part in Starfest 2004© regardless of
where they are located in Australia. The following resources can be accessed

* Starfest 2004© activity booklet (written for all locations in Australia)
* Charles Sturt University Remote Telescope - school students can request
  their 'own' astrophoto
* Bathurst Observatory Meteor Counter activity (charting the activity rate
  of the eta-Aquarid meteor shower)

Astronomical highlights occurring during Starfest 2004©

Predictable celestial highlights occurring during Starfest 2004© include:

* Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in early evening sky
* Venus in afternoon and evening sky
* Mercury in pre-dawn sky
* Comet 2001 Q4 and Comet 2002 T7 predicted to be visible to the unaided eye
* Total Lunar Eclipse
* eta-Aquarids Meteor Shower peaks

Background information

StarFest 2004© was instigated by Paul Floyd (www.ozskywatch.com webmaster)
and virtually hosted by the A.C.T. Department of Education, Youth and Family

To register your interest in StarFest 2004©, please register with the
following email list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StarFest_2004/ or visit
the StarFest 2004© section of the Ozskywatch.com site at


Paul Floyd.

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