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Cooperative Research Centres Association Media Release - 04/10

March 2, 2004


The global boom in using the internet to make phone calls is behind a new $6 million investment in smart Australian technology to ensure service quality and reliability for both voice and video.

A spinoff of the Australian Telecommunications Cooperative Research Centre (ATcrc) and technology commercialisation company QPSX, Cortec Systems Pty Ltd, has secured backing from three leading Australian venture capital firms - Foundation Capital, Technology Venture Partners and Starfish Ventures - to take its technology to the world market.
"Demand for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for telephony and video-conferencing is exploding all round the world, as more and more companies and government departments seek to put all their communications on the one network," explains ATcrc chief executive Dr Leith Campbell.

"Almost every organisation that wants to replace its PABX phone system is looking at VoIP to save money and improve communications."

But the popularity of VoIP is offset by the difficulty of ensuring voice (or vision) quality on the network is maintained at all times - for instance when someone else is using the same network to transfer large files and taking up a lot of its capacity.

ATcrc and Cortec Systems have defined a series of products that can be added to existing networks to manage the quality and performance of those essential voice and video connections.

Cortec's first product, Freeway, fully automates provision of guaranteed call quality for each individual phone call or video-conference. 

This innovative technology solves two of the major barriers to VoIP adoption - unreliable call quality, and the complex array of specialised skills and tools that are required to provide a reliable VoIP network. 

"Users of VoIP demand comparable call quality to their traditional phone systems," says John Siliquini, Chief Technical Officer of Cortec Systems. 

"Maintaining a network to support 'real-time' network traffic such as voice is a whole new ball game for the average network administrator. You need to manage the network differently. 

"While there are some tools and broad traffic shaping systems available, the quality of each call needs to be guaranteed before it proceeds. Our technology can provide this assurance," he says. 

The research team, led by founding member Professor Tony Cantoni and based at the Western Australian Telecommunications Research Institute, has drawn on over 100 years of combined experience to develop Cortec Systems. 

The company is in the process of establishing management in the US, developing international marketing and distribution, and accelerating product development. 

Dr Leith Campbell says Cortec's success in raising the $6m in venture capital is the result of good technology, marketing nous and a close partnership between the researchers and industry.  The investment will now allow them to expand more aggressively overseas to take full advantage of the VoIP boom. 

More information:
Dr Leith Campbell, ATcrc			08 9266 3432
Sarah Craze, ATcrc				08 9266 3581
Steve Telburn, Cortec Systems PL 	08 9381 9518
Email: steve.telburn at cortecsystems.com
CRCA Media, Prof. Julian Cribb		0418 639 245

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