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29 March 2004      
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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, April 2004
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Strict conditions must be met in order for complex life to emerge and
prosper, but an Australian team has discovered where to find the right
conditions in the Milky Way.
The Secret Life of Mars
While evidence of water on Mars is accumulating, there remains scepticism
about claims of Martian bacteria discovered in an Antarctic meteorite.
Fang Fallacy
A study of the evolution of snake venom has found that, despite the absence
of fangs, many species sold as pets are not as harmless as they appear.
Gene's Crucial Role in Autoimmune Disease
A gene that teaches the immune system to recognise organ-specific proteins
can also cause diseases like diabetes.
Time's Almost Up for the Great Barrier Reef
The tourist icon is given 50 years to live.
Mystery Meson Stretches the Laws of Particle Physics
The discovery of a new subatomic particle is challenging our understanding
of basic matter.
Productive Wastewater Is Not a Contradiction
Natural biological processes can be harnessed to produce inexpensive
wastewater treatment technologies that could turn waste nutrients into
CSIRO in Bed with Tobacco Lobbyist
CSIRO has appointed a new Communications Director with a long record
defending the tobacco industry.
Newspapers Give an Overly Optimistic Picture of Cancer Control

Half of the cancer "breakthroughs" reported 10 years ago in a prominent
Australian newspaper have not lived up to the hype.
conScience: Figures Fool when Fools Figure
Nick Fisher warns against believing Disraeli's infamous quip about
statistics, and urges a professional approach to its practice.
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