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28 March 2004


At the Tasmanian Media Awards on Saturday 13 March the hard-working
volunteer Take Two Science team was awarded the Women Tasmania Award for
Reporting on Women.

Take Two Science has been off air over summer and returns to the radiowaves
this Monday, 29 March.

The four presenter/producers of the award-winning report were science
journalist Taylor Bildstein, Antarctic geochemist Rebecca Scouller,
fisheries scientist Karen Evans and marine biologist Cath Sliwa.

Take Two Science is Tasmania's only media programme that reports exclusively
on science, especially Tasmanian science.

The award was given for the team's report about women in science, with guest
Dr Barbara Smith, convenor of the Women in Science Enquiry Network (WISENet)
Tasmania, which was broadcast on Edge Radio 99.3FM on 19 May 2003.

"The entry showed evidence of sound preparation and research, a willingness
to ask the difficult questions about gender inequities in science and showed
positive pathways for action. Clearly evident in their work is an ongoing
interest, passion and commitment to making a difference," said the Director
of Women Tasmania, Wanda Buza.

"Women working to change situations of discrimination or inequality from
within professional roles are rarely covered by mainstream media," said
Nicola Goc, a member of the judging panel and University of Tasmania
Journalism and Media Studies lecturer.

"Basically the media still prefer to portray women of certain demographics
and to portray the issues and the women in a paternalistic way," Nicola Goc

"It was refreshing to see a comprehensive story on women in science by women
working in the science profession who were themselves changing the status
quo," she said.

"Young women listening to the broadcast may very well be the scientists of
the future who change the status quo," Nicola Goc said.

"It's fantastic news and richly deserved as well," said Ted Alexander,
President of
Tasmanian Youth Broadcasters Inc, the organisation that runs Edge Radio.

"The award is a tribute to all the hard work the team has put in throughout
Edge Radio, and Take Two's life," he said.

Take Two Science is a weekly science programme that has broadcast on Edge
Radio since the days of the station's temporary community broadcast license
period, in 2002. The station now has a permanent license and a large
listenership among youth of all ages in Hobart.

"We have always been impressed by the team's dedication and hard work in
preparing such a high quality show and I sincerely pass on the board's
congratulations for the award and gratitude for the hard work," said Ted

According to Tasmanian Media Award organiser Andrew Muthy from the Media
Entertainment and Arts Alliance, this was the only award given to a radio
programme this year.

"This year's record number of entries for the Media Awards makes the award
for the Take Two Science team all the more significant," Andrew Muthy said.

"While we prepare to return for another season of high-quality science news,
it's just fantastic to be recognised for our hard work to date," said
programme founder, Taylor Bildstein.

"Community radio has given us the opportunity to explore science issues in
greater depth than we could do on any other station in Hobart," she said.

As many areas of science are traditionally dominated by men, one issue the
production team felt was important to discuss was the problems faced by
women working in science - problems that are often not shared by men.

"When we located statistics about women in science I was surprised to find
how underrepresented women still are," Taylor Bildstein said.

During the award-winning report, Dr Smith discussed issues that are unique
to women working in science, why there are so few female scientists in
higher positions, and current trends.

The discussion did not place blame for the imbalance, but focused upon
action that can be taken by scientists to address the problems identified.
WISENet is a new and proactive group in Tasmania that female scientists have
initiated to provide support and work towards change.

Take Two Science broadcasts on Mondays from 2pm-3pm and is also webcast at

Media contact: Taylor Bildstein, mobile 0410 489 107.
Email scienceonedge at hotmail.com
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